An Advance Directive

Make your health care decisions known in advance

Often referred to as a Living Will, an Advance Directive gives you the power to make decisions about your future medical care. If a time comes when you are not able to communicate your wishes, this simple document is your voice. The form will document your future wishes, and guide you in considering your options.

Advance directives are recommended for adults of all ages. Forms are easy to prepare and do not require a lawyer. You will want to have your form notarized.

It’s a compassionate gift

It may never be needed, but if it is, the Advance Directive is a compassionate gift to family members struggling to decide what you would choose. With an Advance Directive, your family and friends will know and can carry out your plan. No one has to carry the burden of making decisions on his/her own during a time of grief, when emotions run high. Some elements of the plan may include care choices at end of life,appointing someone as your decision-maker ifyouaren’t able and preferences aboutautopsy and organ donation.

Free forms are available

Advance Directives and other Life Care Planning documents are available from a variety of sources. Download forms at keyword: Advance Directives, or call the office of the Arizona Attorney General at 602-542-2123. The Five Wishes is another recommended form that can be found at


Who needs a copy?

Copies of your Advance Directive should be given to your physicians, to a hospital where you receive care, to your chosen surrogate and to family members and close friends. Speak with loved ones about your preferences and the fact that you have prepared an Advance Directive.

More information is available at: keyword: Advance Directives.