The importance of lab results

Lab tests help us to better care for you

More than 70 percent of all health care decisions are directly influenced by laboratory tests. You play an important role in making sure lab findings are accurate. Getting guidance from your health care provider in advance will allow for high quality, reliable results.

Questions to ask your health care provider before a lab test:

  • Why is the lab test being ordered?
  • How soon do I need to get the lab test?
  • Will I need to fast (avoiding food and drink at least eight hours) prior to the test?
  • Does the test need to be scheduled at a certain time of day for the best results?
  • Do my current medications need to be adjusted before the test? Are there any I should not take?


If there is no certain time of day that your test needs to be performed, and you are not required to fast, consider scheduling your test later in the day. Most labs are busiest in the morning hours.

Our partner in care:

Sonora Quest Laboratories (SQL) is Banner Health Network’s preferred lab services provider. They offer many conveniences to meet your needs. Learn more at

Sonora Quest Labs - A subsidiary of Laboratory Sciences of Arizona

  • SQL has more than 70 Patient Service Centers throughout Arizona, including many sites in Maricopa and Pinal counties.  Find one near you at the website above.
  • Use the website for easy-to-use online appointment scheduling.
  • A mobile application to access your results is also available.

Take your lab testing seriously, and you’ll be giving your medical team valuable information about how to best care for you. We want to be your partner in better health.