Your Doctor Participates in Banner Health Network and the Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO

To be sure that you are getting the best and most coordinated care, and that you have excellent health care experiences, Medicare has been partnering with physicians and health care organizations around the country for several years. This partnership is called the Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization (or ACO). Banner Health Network, based in Phoenix, is an ACO working with Medicare.

Learn What This Means for You

Because your doctor has chosen to participate in Banner Health Network, we will be working with you and your doctor to help keep you in your best personal health this year. It will not change your Medicare benefits in any way, and there is no cost to you to benefit from your provider's participation. We will also work to coordinate your care, and avoid redundancy in testing and repeat hospitalizations where possible.

Banner Health Network offers a variety of resources to support the care your physician is providing. This includes health reminders, an on-call nurse triage line, nurse care managers and other specialized services depending on your unique health needs. Again, there is no charge to you to use these services.

You always have the opportunity to choose your physicians and hospitals. But we can offer greater coordination of care and the appropriate health and support services for you when you choose providers within Banner Health Network.


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